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Wonder Woman Silver Age (Mugen)

Greetings, Mugen Lovers!

Hey! Just hopped on the site and have been a big mugen fan since the past 3 years but only observed it from a distance yet I never tried to create my own mugen game. Last week I finally grabbed some tutorials and created one. Ink nothing like making your own dream matches from scratch. But anyway on with the topic at hand.

There seem to be two different versions of Wonder Women created for Mugen. There is this the "Silver Age" version I think it's this one featured in the video below:

She yells stuff like "devine assault" and "eternal rain" sometimes she randomly says "you missed!" okay, I'm guessing that's the Silver Age one because when I saw another Mugen game on youtube the WW sprite had the same voice but on her character portrait, the name said "Wonder Women Silver Age". The other version I was talking about is the newer Wonder Woman sprite. This one has a more mature voice, one of her battlecrys is "warriors heart" and her win quote is "strength means nothing against skill". Featured in the video below:

Main difference is her voice clips. After witnessing both I prefer the Silver Age. Now that being said I do have a RAR that has a "Wonder Woman Reloaded" in it. It's the mature version, here is my question, is there anyway of unlocking Silver Age Wonder Woman? Perhaps a certain button must be pressed on the keyboard, or is she a completely different RAR file? I did notice this folder said WW "Reloaded" which could mean it's a part 2 version or something like that, would this mean SA WW is the first Wonder Woman and the more mature one is the "Reloaded" sprite or is there a way to get her using the Reloaded RAR by pressing a certain button? If the younger sounding Wonder Woman IS a different RAR file then I will attempt to look for it. Though with the type of luck you get these days searching for mugen sprites I can tell I'm not going to enjoy seeking it out. (=/)

In short is the younger Wonder Woman another RAR or is she in Wonder Woman Reloaded and if so is there a way of accessing her?
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